Acacia farnesiana

ID - 255
Symbol Key - ACFA
Common Name - sweet acacia
Family - Fabaceae
Category - Dicot
Division - Magnoliophyta
US Nativity - Native to U.S.
US/NA Plant - Yes
State Distribution - AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA, MS, NM, PR, TX, VI
Growth Habit - Tree, Shrub
Duration - Perennial
Xgenus - N/A
Genus - Acacia
XSpecies - N/A
Species - farnesiana
Ssp - N/A
Subspecies - N/A
Var - N/A
Variety - N/A
Forma - N/A
Genera Author - P. Mill.
Binomial Author - (L.) Willd.
Trinomial Author - N/A
Quadranomial Author - N/A
Federal Noxious Status - N/A
Federal Noxious Common Name - N/A
State Noxious Status - N/A
State Noxious Common Name - N/A
PLANTS Invasive Status - HEAR
Federal T/E Status - N/A
Federal T/E Common Name - N/A
State T/E Status - N/A
State T/E Common Name - N/A
National Wetland Indicator Status - N/A
Characteristics Data - N/A

USDA Plant Characteristics. 2013.

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